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A typical session at Kingston St Mary Pre-school covers:

0845 - 0945          Children take part in some adult directed and focused activities, along with free play, further developing their existing listening and concentration skills. 
0945 - 1000          Circle time registration. 
1000 - 1020          Snack time. 
1020 - 1145          Children take part in more adult directed and focused activities along with free play to outside area.                                                
1145 - 1200          Songs /Story time. 
1200 - 1230          Lunch time.
1230 - 1430          Continuing with the interests of the individual children through various activities.

1430 - 1500          Story and singing time.

These are approximate and may vary according to activities. Activities are set up via staff observations, children's choice and parent consultations.

Term Topics
Parents are encouraged to discuss the interests of their child to help develop activities within pre-school and the home environment.

Topics covered will be through the interests of the child, examples being:
Action heroes
Television and book characters
Parts of the body

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage there are 3 Prime Areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional, looks at how children interact with others, making friends to form positive relationships with adults and other children. How aware they are of their own feelings and of others, developing confidence in trying new activities and managing their behaviour in different situations.

Communication and Language, we will observe how children listen and give their attention to what others say and responding appropriately; to follow instructions, to question 'how' and 'why' and respond to stories and events. For children to be able to express themselves effectively, showing awareness of others needs.
Physical development incorporates how children move in a range of ways within their environment; good control and co-ordination, handling equipment and tools effectively. Having an awareness of a healthy diet and exercise; to manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs, including toileting and dressing independantly.

The Prime areas are the foundation in supporting the development of the Specfic Areas:

Literacy is through an interest in stories and books, rhyming and sounds, giving meaning to marks through drawing and painting, to beginning to write and recognise letters.

Mathematics develops children's understanding of numbers, to count and understand how quantities change, adding and subtracting. Recognising shapes and patterns, can talk about size, weight, capacity, position, distance and time.

Understanding the World we will observe how children talk about past and present events in their lives. For an awareness of other children living similar and different lives to them; to have an understanding of their own community and environment with awareness of others and for them to take an interest in the living world through animals and plants. Children to recognise the range of technology used within their environments such as homes and the use of this technology.

Expressive arts and design incorporates singing, music and dance. To experiment with ways of changing them. To develop their imagination, their ideas, thoughts and feelings through role play and by experimenting with colour, design and texture using a range of materials and resources. To safely use and explore a variety of tools and techniques.

At kingston St Mary we look at how your child learns by how they like to play, for example, with an adult and or with other children, on their own? What interests them, how do they like to investigate and explore, by touching, smelling, making, taking apart? How they communicate their thoughts and feelings. We plan activities with built-in flexibility to meet their needs for their play to be purposeful and fun.
Record keeping through observation will monitor a child’s progress throughout his/her time at pre-school and highlight the individual’s developmental emotional and educational needs.

Above all children must feel secure, valued and confident and gain a sense of achievement through enjoyable learning.

Role of Parents
OFSTED advocates that “Parents are the main educators of their children and should be involved in all aspects of the Group including its management”. 

All parents are encouraged and welcomed to assist with fundraising and to take part in the management of the Pre-school by joining the committee.