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    So we are well into the new year and approaching half term. The time is flying. A few days before Christmas we had our Ofsted inspection and received a 'GOOD' outcome. We are very pleased with this as we have been consistently good over the years. Last year, however we had a glitch in our inspection with a Committee oversight, which although our overall childcare and practice was classed as good it reduced our outcome. This was speedily dealt with and we have been awaiting a re-visit to rectify our reputation and now we are happy. We always strive by regularly reviewing our practice and listening to parent's opinions to best meet the needs of the children and their families in our care.

This term our theme revolves 'The Highway Rat' story by Julia Donaldson. The children have enthusiastically taken this story on board, learning more about friendships, being selfish, thinking of other's needs, healthy eating, making mistakes. Lots of activities inside and out revolve around this as well as our more routine activities. We are starting a music session, with a local lady, singer/musician coming in for an hour session every half term.

We are currently fundraising for a climbing wall and to update some of our technology.

Remember if you are thinking of starting your child at preschool, come and visit, give us a call, we look forward to seeing you.


Sarah Trott - Preschool Leader

Unforseen Closure Advice

Uploaded on : 30/01/2012

Advice on the event of pre-school closure due to extreme weather or other unusual incidents.....

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Every effort will be made to keep the pre-school open, except when to do so would endanger children and staff. Generally if Kingston St Mary Primary school is closed, the Pre-school will be closed. A notice will be put on preschool Facebook page and on our main page on this website. Arrangements have been made to use the services of local radio stations Heart FM and BBC Somerset to broadcast emergency information. You can also check our website or the Primary school website for closure information: An update may also be posted on the twitter page without logging in. 

Closure of the pre-school during the day is extremely unlikely, however we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible to arrange collection of your child.

Fundraising Update

Uploaded on : 21/12/2011

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Kingston St Mary Pre-school regularly has fundraising activities throughout the year. Money raised is used to provide equipment and resources for the children. Your help and support is always much appreciated.

Events which take place are the monthly cake sales,Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Barbeque, Christmas Fayre cake sale, raffles and pre-school Nativity. Thanks to everyone’s generous support in raising these extra funds. We have been able to extend our garden by basically doubling it in size, with an outside shelter for undercover but outside learning. Garden beds for growing flowers and vegetables. New storage. Our next project is to have a an office for staff to do paperwork and conduct parent consultations separate from the main room. Will aid in private discussions with parents, clear the main room from stored paperwork and somewhere for staff to have breaks.